CSGO and Float Value

Definition and Use of Float Value

The float value system in CS:GO is what the game utilizes to identify how much value does your skin or weapon have.

factory-new-weapon-csgoWhen you open a case and find a weapon, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s brand new or field-tested. One thing’s for sure, though; it will come with a percentage or a number which goes from 0 to 100 percent or 0 to 1.

Take note that every skin or weapon has a minimum and a maximum float value.

The smaller the number, the higher the value is. The bigger the percentage, the higher its worth. Decimals will basically tell you how much is missing from your skin or how much of weapon is covered. Of course, you’d want to receive a gun or skin with a smaller number or higher percentage because that would mean it’s more valuable.

If you want to know the float value of a weapon or skin, use CSGO totem’s tool to check float value.


Below is a useful reference for you.

0.44 – 1.00 Battle-Scarred
0.37 – 0.44 Well-Worn
0.15 – 0.37 Field Tested
0.07 – 0.15 Minimal Wear
0.00 – 0.07 Factory New

The minimum, as well as the maximum, is 0-1 or 0% to 100% most of the time. However, there are a few exceptions.

The Only Exceptions

For instance, AWP / Asimov could have a minimum wear of 0.18. This weapon and skin aren’t offered in minimal wear or factory new condition because the minimal wear begins at 0.15. This is the reason why other skins have smaller wear range or lower maximum / higher minimum.

The Desert Eagle / Crimson Web and all crimson web knives have a minimum wear of 0.06, and the factory new begins at 0.07, so obviously there’s only a 0.01 gap between the start and the minimum. Because of this small difference, these skins are considered way too valuable and rare, causing them to become so costly as well.

Final Words


  • Always use the easy-to-use generator provided above to check the skin’s minimum and maximum wear. You just have to select a weapon, pick the skin, and that’s it.
  • Note that the float value won’t ever increase or decrease when you use the weapon.
  • The condition (factory new, well-worn) doesn’t change as well.