Garage Heater Hacks

Did you think you can only use a garage heater in the garage? Well, this article will prove you wrong! If you haven’t used one in the following places, then you haven’t maximized your garage heater.

These are the other places where you can use your efficient, portable, and safe garage heater:



Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean you have to take the time off from your hobbies or special projects. With a garage heater installed in the workshop, you can be productive even in winter. This machine comes with powerful fans coupled with stainless steel heating components that make it possible for them to provide enough heat to keep a whole room warm and comfortable. You can even fix a small heater to the wall and use its swivel feature to aim the heat right to where you’re working in the workshop.



Need additional heating in cold rooms or in places that have high ceilings and poor insulation? Use a garage heater to solve the problem! You can install it in your media or theater room, basement, pool house, etc. Places like these can get chilly during the cold season, which is why a garage heater would be useful. Before installing one, however, measure the size of the room first. This will allow you to identify the size of the garage heater you should get to supply sufficient heat in the room.

Note: Make sure you install the necessary pipes to release the waste fumes they generate if you’re not going to use a natural gas or propane garage heater.


garage-heater-redGarage heaters are a cheap alternative to oil furnace that is expensive. Heaters can provide heat in the farmhouse, which can get really wintry during cold days. Installing one is easy, which means it won’t require a lot of your time. Now, you don’t have to worry about not being able to visit the farmhouse during winter!

Construction site

Sometimes, construction workers are required to work on projects even in winter. To help fight the freezing wind, use a garage heater. This thing can help you perform your job efficiently and finish quickly so that you can drink a nice cup of hot coffee at home sooner. All you have to do is invest in a garage heater that has an exceptional heating capacity like the ones in Your heater should be of high-quality to deal with the harsh winter.


How to Build Habits that You Can Stick To

habitsIf you feel like you are trapped in a cycle of thoughts and behaviors that hold you back from living the life you want, it may be time for some positive changes. Breaking habits take time. It may involve unhooking yourself from beliefs and practices that no longer serve you. There is no shortcut habit-building. But here are some ideas on how to create ones that you can stick to.

Scale it down – Big goals are challenging and exciting when motivation is at all time high. There is nothing wrong in aiming high. But you have to be realistic about the journey and the process. Big aspirations often call for long-term and sustained actions. If you want to build habits that will help you achieve what you set out to do, you have to start small. Create mini-goals that you can focus on one step at a time.

Keep a strategic mindset – Setting goals is easy. It is the follow-through part that becomes tricky. Create SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) goals if you want to be more strategic in accomplishing the things you want to do.

Prepare to let go – Make space for new things in your life – physically and mentally. Positive transformations only happen if you make room for the unfamiliar. Clinging to old habits is instinctive, especially when faced with the unknown. But the more you hold on to physical or mental clutter, the more you prolong the process of ushering meaningful change in your life.

Declare your intentions – Make a commitment that will leave you no room to wiggle out. You can share it to as many people as you want if you are comfortable about going public with your goals. Or you can choose to declare your intentions to a tight circle of family and closest friends.

Tap into your support group – Building positive habits comes with its share of challenges. But going through all the ups and downs of the process is easier with supportive people around you. Make sure that you have a group of people like family and friends who can provide you with the encouragement, inspiration, and help you need at various points in your path towards hacking the habits you are aiming for.

Follow through with daily small steps – Small steps may not look like much. But following through with the little things every single day is one of the surest ways to creating the habits you want. Keep going regardless of how slow or small the effort may be. Great things are often accomplished by people who commit to the positive little things every day.